In Bible symbolism, wherever you see olive oil, think Holy Spirit. In the Christian life, our light is our love of Christ and through Him, our love for all. It’s the oil that keeps the light burning.

I’m an Evangelical Christian who spends all the time I can with my head in the Word. Pressed Olives is where I share what I’ve learned. I’m not an expert and I don’t claim to be right. If it helps you, praise God! If you have a different understanding, well, I’ve been known to change my mind after further study, too!

I read and study all the time on all topics but my favorite is to study End Times Bible Prophecy. I believe that Christ will come for his people at some year during the Jewish Feast of Trumpets. If you don’t see any posts, well…I hope I’m gone… and you’re not here either! (But don’t rule out that I just got busy with other stuff and haven’t written for awhile. If you think you might have missed the rapture, then you better take a look at that, ASAP!


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